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How do I search for a product?

There are several ways to search for products on the Express Publishing web site. You have the option of either browsing our online "Catalogue", with the addition of all of our products added to "Menus" / "Search Boxes" known as a "Physical Search" (explained in detail here), to narrow down your search.

There is also then the "Visual Search" (explained in detail here), using the icons on-screen, or you can search for specific products using the search engine or filter, shown on-screen as "find a title:". Again this is acheived using the "Physical Search" method (explained in detail here).

We have put together a complete walk through, outlining a search to find a specific product on the site and to show you the three steps below in detail. The product used for this example will be:
                                "Blockbuster 1 - Students Book for the United Kingdom "

The principles in the example are exactly the same for all of the products in the Express Publishing Catalogue.

This is acheived by making use of the following three steps:

        1. Selecting a country

        2. Selecting a category

        3. Selecting a title