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Finding an ELT title

Finding an ELT title Demonstration Video

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Finding an ELT title Walk Through

Here you will be entering the third sub category of the "Catalogue" main category. In this section you will be using the search "function" / "filter" to show us a complete range of products and you will be using the same example as before, which is the "Blockbuster 1 – Students book for U.K."


       Ensure that you have selected your country prior to this search or you will be viewing

       the U.K. range of products and not those designed specifically for your country.

Your screen should look like this below with the word "U.K." next to the word "Catalogue".

To the right of the screen you will find the phrase "find a title:" with a box next to that. Over here we will enter the title we are looking for, in this case "Blockbuster" as shown below.

Then click the button "Go" next to that to enter the search results page displayed below.

You will see all of the products associated to the Title you are looking for and the Title "Search Results" appear below that as shown in the following image.


       A secondary indicator will notify you of what you have searched for and the

       quantity of results to expect.

Then Scroll down till you find the Blockbuster 1 – Students Book you are searching for and click on the "more button" (also known as a "text link" / "text button") to take you to the details page of the book, as shown in the two images below: