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Selecting your Country

Selecting your Country Demonstration Video

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Selecting your Country Walk Through

For example, if you wanted to do a search for a "Blockbuster 1 - Students Book for U.K.", you would first select the "Catalogue" Category (as circled below).

Your screen will then take you to the Catalogue "Families" Subcategory.


  • The "Catalogue" button has now taken the "Active" form as described above (in the Express Publishing Site Navigation) and pictured below.
  • There is also a secondary indicator also on the page just below the "Country Selection" box.

The first time you enter the Catalogue you will be viewing the Catalogue in it's default setting which is as a U.K. visitor. If you are in a country other than the U.K. you will need to first click the downward pointing arrow of the "Select your Country…" box, in order to reflect your local countries products as shown below.

A list of countries will appear, and then scrolling down find "U.K." and click on the word, making the drop down box disappear.

Click "Go" and you will have entered the U.K. Product Catalogue.

This will cause the page to refresh an a new line of text next to the word catalogue stating "U.K.".