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Site Navigation – "browsing"

Site Navigation – "browsing" / "using" the site? Demonstration Video

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Site Navigation – "browsing" / "using" the site? Walk Through

Assistance Navigation

On the top of every page of the Express Publishing web site there are "Assistance Categories", consisting of the following "links" (text buttons, explained in detail here):

  • Site Help
  • About Us
  • Help
  • Mailing List
  • Links
  • Contact Us

When you select one of the Assistance Categories, the next "Page" (Step) of the relevant subcategory i.e. "Help" as displayed below:

This in turn will lead you to the help index. To continue to the subject you are searching for select one of the index subjects on the page shown in pale blue in the image below.


  • The "Help" link you clicked on has now turned orange in colour to indicate that you are in the Express Publishing Help Centre.
  • In turn to the left of the screen it indicates that you are now in the "Site Help" section.
  • To the right of that it states in blue the subcategory which is "Help Centre".

By clicking on the "Accessibility and Web Standards" text link it will lead you to the page or the next sub-category you are looking for, in this case you will be taken to the "Accessibility and Web Standards" page as shown below.

"Primary" / "Global" Navigation

As above but fulfilling a different role there are "Primary Global Categories". When you select one of these, your screen will show the next step of the relevant subcategories that you can select.

Once you have selected a Global Category i.e. "Catalogue", your screen will then take you to a further list of sub-categories. When one of the sub-categories has been selected you will then be directed to a menu which will feature all of the Express Publishing products within their Category or "Product Family". This will then lead you to the details page of your chosen product.

We have tried to minimise the amount of steps needed for you to reach your desired product / page.