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Accessibility and Web Standards

        Express Publishing Accessibility and Web Standards

All measures were adopted to ensure the Express Publishing website is as accessible as possible for all audiences, including those with visual impairments or other disabilities.

The goal was to create a model of usable and accessible design for the elderly and the visually impaired.

Why we used validation style tools to ensure the Express Publishing website is accessible?

We used these assistative tools to aid with the evaluation of the Express Publishing website as there are many groups of people with differing disabilities. The collection of tools used by our site allows us to increase accessibility, usability and the overall quality of the sites content. These tools evaluate and judge the presentation of the Express Publishing website in accordance with the DDA and allow for a more accurate depiction and representation of a disabled persons needs whilst visiting the website.

How web evaluation tools and assistive technologies help the disabled visitors of the Express Publishing website access all the content.

Blindness - Screen readers are browsers that filter our web pages for text and read content accordingly. Instead of showing images (photographs and graphics) screen readers rely on text equivalents. We tested the content of the site using IBM ASI version 1.20.

Mobility impaired visitors - Some sections of the community may have great difficulty with accessibility when using pointing devices such as a mouse. Our web pages increase accessibility by providing the capability of keyboard shortcuts to navigate the pages as identified in Access Keys below.

Hearing impaired - Although people with a hearing impairment have less requirements and are able to navigate our web pages visually, the audio dependant content of this site is made accessible with the use of subtitles and a text version of all/any video content displayed.

Colour vision impairment - The inability to distinguish between specific colours raises issues of what colours to use on a web page. We have at all times verified the colours used on the site using Color Vision Deficiency Guidelines to maintain a distinctive contrast of background and foreground colours. Dark texts and lite backgrounds for a far more colour vision impairment friendly result. The Express Publishing web site complies with the DDA 2005 guidelines under "Priority 1" W3C (WAI), with "Section 508" guidelines and is "single A" approved.

Access Keys

Access key's are visible on "mouse over" gestures and are used by pressing: [Alt] + [defined access key]

The key's for increasing the size of text or the size of the websites' surface area on your screen are accessed by pressing: [Ctrl] & [+] - on Browsers where this feature is available.

The key's for decreasing the size of text or the size of the websites' surface area on your screen are accessed by pressing: [Ctrl] & [-] - on Browsers where this feature is available.

Web Standards

This site complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, which is a W3C Recommendation dated May 5, 1999. Version 2.0 is currently a working draft.

The following are some of the key guidelines adopted from this standard, as well as other useful guidelines from around the web.

Code Standards

  • All code is XHTML/CSS standards compliant, valid, well structured and well crafted; except where the use of a “work around” was required for older browsers and is defined as such in the CSS Documents.
  • Ensured backwards-compatibility through graceful degradation.
  • The presentation is separate from the structure and is presented in a semantically correct manner.
  • The website content will be device independent.
  • Where acronyms are used these are described in “long description” form on “mouse over”.

Browser Support

The site was designed to support the following browsers, as well as all standards-compliant browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 5+ for Windows Operating System
  • Mozilla Firefox for Windows Operating System
  • Netscape 9 for Windows Operating System
  • Opera 9 for Windows Operating System
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.7.13 for the Apple Mac OS Operating System
  • Netscape 9 for the Apple Mac Operating System
  • Opera 9 for the Apple Mac Operating System
  • Safari 2.01+ for the Apple Mac Operating System

Site Design/Development & Web Management System

Original site design and development arranged by the Express Publishing in-house Web Department.

The site you see today is the result of a year's worth of research.

The Express Publishing Web Team, with the support of the Editing, International Business and Multimedia Departments formed our team of advisors. The Advisory Committee contributed towards the research, content and external user feedback in each phase of the site's development. We considered the latest trends, industry recommendations and requirements to comply to Web 2.0 standards, such as S.E.O., GUI, Analytics, Technical Development, User Experience Requirements and conducted internal and external reviews of the site with users from all walks of life.

Once we completed the research phase, our in-house creative team began working on a concept for the site.

The result? A user friendly, fast, browser friendly site. Even though still in it's first phase offers a user experience that does not discriminate between browsers, users-abilities, user internet experience and knowledge and also offers a giant leep forward in comparison to the quantity and quality of information offered by the previous versions of our site.

The original site design, technical development, content writing and editing were produced by an all in-house team that could not achieve the task without the patience and assistance of the Express Publishing Editing Department and the Express Publishing International Department. In mentioning the above we should not forget the Express Publishing International Consultants who provide us with all the News articles found on the site.

What's Next?

We are in the process of developing the next phase of the site and producing an all new Advisory Committee consisting of Teachers, and Teaching specialists to assist us in the development of the up and coming Teachers and Students areas currently in development.

This is just the beginning as you can clearly see.

We really appreciate constructive feedback from all of visitors? So why not send us, here at the Express Publishing Web Department, your feedback?